Is there a video showing how mBike works?

How does mBike work?

First, you download the Zagster app, and join the mBike bike share.

Once you choose your bike’s number, enter the number into the Zagster app to get an unlock code.

Once you receive the unlock code, enter the number into the on-bike keypad.

Afterwards, the ring lock will open, allowing you to remove the docking cable from the side of the ring lock.

Once you are done with your ride, return your bike to a mBike Zagster station.

At the station, press and hold the lock button on the keypad, until the light flashes.

While docking, you will find an orange tab on the right side of the bike. Once you find the tab, slide it down the ring lock.

Afterwards, you are going to place the docking cable, attached to the station, into the port where the ring lock is located.

Once completed, tap the END RIDE button in your Zagster app.

Before returning the bike, if you plan on making a quick stop, then you lock your bike to any public rack.

How does the pricing vary?

Hourly Plan:
$3/hour up to $24/ride

Yearly Membership:
$65 billed annually, trips under 1 hour are FREE (3 hours on weekends), then pay $3/hour up to $24/ride

Student Annual Membership:
This membership is only available to users with a valid email domain from @terpmail.umd.edu, @umd.edu, @rhsmith.umd.edu.
$35 billed annually, trips under 1 hour are FREE (3 hours on weekends), then pay $3/hour up to $24/ride

One Month Pass:
$25 one time feed, trips under 1 hour are FREE (3 hours on weekends), then pay $3/hour up to $24/ride

Who is eligible to join the mBike bike share?

Members in the mBike program are 18 years of age or older. Every registrant must have a valid credit or debit card to become a member of the bike share.

Where can my Zagster bike go?

You may explore with the Zagster bike. If you want to make a quick stop, then you must lock the bike to a secure object. At the end of your trip, you need to return the bike to a mBike Zagster station, unless you have an active trip on the bike. If you lose the bike, you may be held liable.

Can I keep the bike?

You may not keep a Zagster bike locked anywhere besides a designated Zagster station, unless you have an active account on the bike.

Can I get an extra bike for my friend?

Only mBike bike share members can check out one bike at a time. All Zagster riders must have a membership and to have signed our Rider Agreement.

What do I do if my bike breaks down?

Call 202-999-3924, or email support@zagster.com. Afterwards, return the bike to the nearest Zagster station. After you lock the bike, hit the end trip button on your Zagster app. As your bike is getting repaired, you are free to start a ride on a new bike.

What do I do if I cannot lock my bike?

If you tried to lock your bike multiple times, and it fails to lock, then call 202-999-3924.

What do I do if the lock does not open?

One: make sure that there are no spokes hitting the ring lock. If there is a spoke, it will prevent the ring lock from retracting.

Two: make sure you entered the correct code, and try again after waiting for 30 seconds.

What do I do if the lock does not close?

There are a few potential reasons why the lock will not close:

One: clear the way of any spokes. There is a possibility that a spoke will line up with the ring lock, causing the spoke to block the ring from closing.

Two: While pressing down on the lock button, if you do not hear a mechanical noise from the ring lock, then the lock is already armed; this means that you just need to press down the orange tab to lock the ring.

Three: Make sure you plugged the docking cable into the port, which is located on top of the ring lock.

What do I do if my Zagster bike has been lost or stolen?

If your Zagster has been stolen, then contact your local police department and building security to file theft. You have an obligation to alert Zagster (202-999-3924) if there is any potential loss or theft. As a result, Zagster will email you an Incident Report that you must complete. In the end, you may be charged for the cost of replacing a lost or stolen bike.

Do I wear a helmet?

To prevent any risk of injury, Zagster strongly recommends that you wear a helmet.

Where are the mBike stations?

There are stations in Riverdale Park, Wells Parkway, Art Walk Station, College Park Metro West, Queens Chapel, Guilford Drive, City Hall, South Campus Dining Hall, Mowatt Lane, Ritchie, The Hotel, Stamp Student Union, Regents Drive, Northgate, Cambria Suites, University View, North STEM, Eppley, Berwyn Trolley Trail, Courtyards, Monument Village, Greenbelt Metro West, and Hollywood Shopping Center.