Capital Bikeshare

What is Capital Bikeshare?

It is DC’s bikeshare service that stretches across 6 jurisdictions, consisting of 500+ stations and 4,300 bikes

Where are the Capital Bikeshare stations?

The stations are in Washington, D.C; Arlington, VA; Alexandria, VA; Montgomery, MD; Prince George’s County, MD; and Fairfax County, VA.

How do I find Bikeshare stations?

The stations are in Washington, D.C; Arlington, VA; Alexandria, VA; Montgomery, MD; Prince George’s County, MD; and Fairfax County, VA.

How do I find Bikeshare stations?

You can find available bikes and station locations with the Capital Bikeshare app, or on the system map within the Capital Bikeshare website. Other cycling apps can be found on iTunes, or the Google Play store.

How does Capital Bikeshare work?

To begin, join Capital Bikeshare’s membership online, or purchase a short-term pass. Secondly, find an available bike with the Capital Bikeshare app. To unlock your bike: enter your ride code, or use your bike key. Once your bike is unlocked, take the opportunity to explore, until your pass or membership expires. As you reach the end of your trip, dock your bike at a nearby Bikeshare station, and wait for a green light to appear—this signalizes the bike’s security.

What do I do if my bike does not dock?

Firmly push your bike into the dock, until you see the green light. If you see a red light or receive no response, take the bike out and try again. If you get the same result, then try a different dock. If you are unsuccessful with docking, please call 1-877-430-2453; undocked bikes will result in a $1,200 bike fee.

What happens if my ride code is not working?

If your five-digit code is not functioning properly, then there are a few, possible reasons. One: if the light on the dock is flashing red, then the bike is broken, and cannot be released. Two: there is a malfunction with the dock. Three: you entered in your ride code after the 5 minutes limit. Four: you did not return your last rental—this prevents you from renting another bike. If these reasons are not applicable, then try your ride code at a different Bikeshare dock. If it is still not working, then request a new code from a local kiosk—just insert the credit used to purchase a bike pass, and receive a new code (no; you will not be charged again) If all else fails, please contact 1-877-430-2453.

How does the pricing vary?

Single trip

For a quick ride from one location to another. Under 30 minutes, a Single Trip pass costs $2. If the trip is 30+ minutes, then usage fees will apply.

Ride Length Usage Fee
0-29 Minutes Included
30-59 Minutes $2
60-89 Minutes +$4
90+ Minutes +$8 per each additional 30 minutes

Day Passes

Ride Length Usage Fee
24-Hour Pass $8
3-Day Pass $17
Day Key Membership $10 initial fee + $7/day

30-Day Membership

Trips under 30 minutes are included in the 30-Day Membership. Trips longer than 30+ minutes, then usage fees will apply.

Ride Length Usage Fee
0-29 minutes Included
30-59 minutes $1.50
60-89 minutes +$3
90+ minutes +$6 per each additional 30 minutes

Annual Membership

Annual Membership is $85 per year, or $8 a month with annual commitments.

What do I do when my key does not work?

First, check your account on to verify that your account is active, and your credit card file is up to date. Secondly, confirm that you have no open rentals. If you are still having trouble, or if you lost your key, then fill out this form . In the meantime, get a one-time-use ride code by inserting your credit card, associated with your account, into a local Capital Bikeshare kiosk. Once you received your ride code, insert the code into the dock’s keypad, and unlock the bike.

What are the perks of a Capital Bikeshare membership?

Since Capital Bikeshare is partners with businesses in the metro D.C area, members get the opportunity to receive discounts for baseball games, food, and performances. For example, Capital Bikeshare allows members to get discounts for the Washington National’s games, whether it be at home or away.

How was Capital Bikeshare created?

In August 2008, the District of Columbia launched SmartBike, which provided 120 bikes at 10 stations. As the two years of operation progressed, 1,600 people joined SmartBike DC. As SmartBike was advancing, Arlington, VA created its own plans for a bikeshare system. As time progressed, Arlington collaborated with D.C, Alexandria, VA, and Montgomery County, MD to form Capital Bikeshare. Now, this regional system covers six jurisdictions (Washington DC; Arlington, VA; Alexandria, VA; Montgomery County, MD; Prince George’s County, MD; and Fairfax County, VA), with 500 stations and 4,300 bikes.

Who is the Operator of Capital Bikeshare?

Capital Bikeshare is operated by Motivate, a top competitor in bike share. Currently, Motivate manages systems in the California Bay Area; New York and Jersey City; Chicago; Columbus, Ohio; Washington, D.C; Arlington and Alexandria, VA; Montgomery County, MD; Boston, Somerville, Cambridge and Brookline, Massachusetts; Tennessee; and Portland, OR.

How do I sign up for the Corporate Membership Program?

Here are the membership levels. Each membership is payed annually, but only for the employees who sign up for your program.

Program Level Company Annual Contribution Employee Annual Contribution Usage Fee Responsibility
Platinum $50 $0 Organization
Gold $50 $0 Employee
Silver $25 $25 Employee
Bronze $12.50 $37.50 Employee

A Capital Bikeshare membership includes unlimited trips under 30 minutes

First, choose a membership level to offer to your employees, and assign a program manager to serve as the representative for your organization. Then, fill out the enrollment form. After signing up, you will receive a program code; this code guarantees your employees a discount, when they join Capital Bikeshare. As time progresses, Capital Bikeshare will send internal marketing materials to promote the system. For example, each new Corporate Member is eligible for one complimentary onsite Everyday Biking Class; however, there must be a minimum of 20 attendees to take place. Lastly, Capital Bikeshare will email your program manager whenever an employee signs up; furthermore, your manager needs to confirm eligibility of signups within three business days. In the end, you will receive an invoice that states the approval for an employee’s membership.

What are the prices for Bulk Pass Sales?

Bulk Pass Sales are perfect if you are attending a conference, staying at a hotel, or visiting. To purchase a Capital Bikeshare bulk pass, contact the representative of your local jurisdiction.

No. of Passes Day Pass Price Discount Total 3-Day Pass Price Discount Total
25 $7.2 10% $180.00 $15.30 10% $382.50
50 $6.40 20% $320.00 $13.60 20% $680.00
100 $6.00 25% $600.00 $12.75 25% $1275.00
250 $5.20 35% $1300.00 $11.05 35% $2762.50
500 $4.00 50% $2000.00 $8.50 50% $4250.00